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Ekblad Amps Jolene Tremolo 1x12 Combo

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The Jolene is a hand wired, all valve amplifier made in Sweden.

It all started with an idea to make an AC style amplifier as inspired by late 50´s models that used an EF 86 in the front end.

Unfortunately the reliability of new production EF 86 tubes is quite often questionable at best as these new prodution tubes are very prone to microphonics. A decision was therefore made to implement a new, different approach during the design stage.

The front end is based on a 12AU7/ECC82 tube which of course is more commonly seen in the Hifi world. The end result is an amp that designed around a circuit that is far from a direct copy of the AC style amplifier it was inspired by.

When dialed in with the gain down low it has a deliciously sparkly clean sound. Turning up the gain introduces a spectacular overdrive that delivers beefy mids that Always clean up beautifuly when the volume is dialed back on your guitar. The master volume on the Jolene lets you dial in a great tone at any volume.

Regardless of being dialed in clean or dirty the Jolene makes a perfect pedal platform that eats pedals for breakfast and will always comes back begging for more.

With its hand picked components and a no compromise approach towards both construction and build quality, the Jolene is a prime example of a very dynamic, boutique amplifier were simplicity and sound quality speaks volumes.

The Jolene amplifier is hand built and hand wired in Sweden using only the highest quality, selected components and custom wound transformers.

The Jolene is offered as a combo or as a head in 15W(EL84) or 35W(EL34) versions with tube rectification and cathode biasing.

Power rating: 15W with EL84 power section or 35W with EL34 power section.
Preamp tubes : 1x12AU7, 1x12AX7 (2x12AX7 on tremolo version)
Power amp tubes : 2xEL84 or 2xEL34 for either 15W or 35W cathode bias operation
Rectifier: EZ81 (15W-version) or GZ34 (35W-version)
Controls and inputs: Input, Gain, Bright switch, Tone rotary switch, Top Cut, Master, Tremolo Speed*, Tremolo Depth*, On/Off switch, foot switch jack* (back panel)
Speaker outs: 4, 8, 16 ohm.
Accessories: Tremolo foot switch pedal*
Finishes: Control plate in black coloured plexi and chassi in fawn or black tolex is standard issue. Custom finishes available upon request.
Speaker: WGS Reaper HP
Size: 1x12" Combo; 540mm (width), 250mm (depth), 480mm (height inclusive feet)
Operating voltage: 110-120V or 230-240V at 50/60Hz

* Tremolo version only

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