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Demedash T-60 Analog Chorus & Vibrato

Release spring 2021
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Hi-Fi Lo-Fi Analog Chorus
Instantly overlay a worn-out layer of stretched tape to your playing.

Let it wander.

Let the years in the attic speak for themself.

Crinkles, wear and instability add character.

Get lost in the lush stereo output.

One of the most feature-packed, compact modern analog chorus pedals, the T-60 doesn't take any half-measures.

A fully analog bucket brigade chorus, the T-60 never digitizes your signal, but will nonetheless manage to do things with it you haven't even thought of.

The T-60's strength is in the range it was designed to cover. While clean, glittery sounds are certainly on tap, you'll find Lo-Fi, stretched tape, wavering warped vinyl, lush ambience, 80's hair, or anything in between or off to the side.

The processed sound a great number of choruses suffer from (in my opinon) was one of the highest priorities on the "avoid that" list. The T-60 was designed to sound real and raw, without adding noise or sacrificing sound quality.

The ridiculously powerful bucket brigade clock circuit has a wide range of clock speeds available via the lag knob, letting you set the latency extremely low, dialing in flanging swept filters, or much, much longer for thick gooey chorus and raw, wavering vibrato. Set in anywhere in between and find your new favorite home.


The clock itself is modulated by a custom designed LFO circuit that gets run by a tiny brain inside the pedal.

Use the random control to mix together evenly spaced triangle waveshapes with randomly generated slopes in any proportion you like, and languish in the lush instability.

An EQ control that lets you cut bass or treble can be used on the entire signal, or only the wet portion, as you choose.

Venture into the early days of Compact Discs and skipping Discmen with the Sample/Hold control, increasing the intervals between LFO outputs and chopping your modulating waveform up into a staircase wave, providing glitchy little pitch jumps. These can be set to be evenly spaced and rhythmic, or scattered out around the selected sampling speed, giving a more chaotic feel.

Tap Tempo allows you to tap in either the sampling rate or the LFO speed, using any one of four selectable note divisions.

Holding down the Tap/Ramp footswitch while the effect is active allows you to ramp either the LFO rate or the sampling rate. You can set the ramp speed and ramp mode as well, choosing either to have the ramped parameter travel to the maximum/minimum value and stay there until the footswitch is released (after which it will drift back to the starting position) or have it continuously bounce up and down.


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