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Demedash T-120 Deluxe Videotape Echo

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T-120 DLX V2: The update you've been waiting for!

After nearly a year of development, the new T-120 Deluxe V2 is here, packed with all the tape-worn sound of the original, the added modulation features of the T-120 V2, and some brand-new ones implemented based on repeated customer requests.

Tap Tempo Tape Tapestry

Use the new combined 'Tap/Swell' footswitch to tap in a rhythmic interval, and let the tape-worn echo ring back to the beat.
4 selectable tap divisions allow you to choose whether you'd like to use Quarter notes, Dotted Eighths, Eighth notes or Triplets.
Just like on the T-120 DLX V1, you can hold down this footswitch in either bypass or during regular operation to activate the swell feature and bask in the chaotic echoes that rise up and self oscillate. You can further induce chaos by twisting the 'Time' knob while swelling to bend the pitch of wall of noise at will.

Organic Modulation

As with the T120 V2, this new version allows you to dial in periodic modulation, completely random modulation, or a mix of the two in any proportion you desire.

Smooth or Glitchy Use the Glide control to adjust the smoothness or squareness or the LFO, giving you access to random computery bleeps and bloops or taking you into the realm of smoothly varying uncalibrated tape-head mechanisms that cause your pitch to drift.

Echo Trails or not? Decide later. Select whether echo trails are activated on the fly! While the DLX v1.5 allowed trails selection with an internal DIP switch, the DLX v2 lets you switch them on and off right from the front panel with no fuss.

3-D for your ears

A new stereo-field generation design improves the depth of field by keeping your dry signal completely identical on both left and right channels, and inducing changes only in the wet signal on each respective side.



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