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Deep Trip Pedals The Stormy Monday

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The new Stormy Monday is the result of almost ten years of development from concept, to actual circuits and extensive testing, in order to bring to life Deep Trip’s first
overdrive unit.
By combining all our experience on high quality fuzz projects and the most desired features of classic tube amp saturation, we came up with a brand new circuit (not based in anything from the past or present) that aims to bring to the overdrive pedal realm the qualities shared
by high quality fuzz units and classic tube amps: rich harmonic content, complex textures and amazing dynamics, closely interacting with the playing. Do not expect the Stormy Monday to sound boxy, with limited frequency response and with flat response to pick attack or different instruments. It's alive!

Its unique and peculiar circuit was designed to alternate soft and hard clipping character that interact with the intensity of saturation to offer all the dynamic response of an excellent tube amplifier, reacting immediately to your attack, opening up beautifully, sounding wild when under
pressure and velvety when played softly.

Even though it has only three controls, the Stormy Monday can cover a broad range of tones due to some special tricks it can pull. When using the pedal as an overdrive
unit, we prefer a broad frequency spectrum, with enough bass and treble content, not only a mid heavy thing. On the other hand, to use it as a booster, it’s undeniable that the mid focused tone is an amazing tool. So we incorporated that in the Gain control: when used above halfway, you have solid bass to beef up your drive; but when set below half, bass and treble are attenuated and the overall tone is focused on the midrange. Best of both worlds! Try using that setting after a pedal with depleted midrange and you’ll see what a powerful filter you have there.

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