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Custom Audio Amplifiers OD100 ML Plus USED Great condition

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Great for clean or dirty, blackface or hot British crunch and exceptionally responsive to the players touch, the Custom Audio OD-100 covers all the basses and gives you maximum flexibility. This is a true top end amp experience that please even the most demanding pro players. 

This version of the OD-100 was developed when LA studio legend Mike Landau told John Suhr that he'd like the OD-100 Standard+'s Channel 2 to be like an early-70's British amp that he owned and adored. John borrowed Landau's amp and tweaked away, eventually coming up with a brand new Channel 2 and a new output section that duplicated and even surpassed the sound that Mike had come to love. The OD-100 Classic was born! The Channel 2 of the OD-100 Classic has much less gain than Channel 2 of either the OD-100 SE+ or the OD-100 Standard+. It's definitely more of a vintage voicing – like that of cranked non-master-volume amps with EL-34 output tubes – but you have the flexibility of the master volume to get that cranked sound and feel at moderate volume levels. Besides the completely new preamp circuit for Channel 2, the OD-100 Classic features the silver "Plexi-style" output transformer and EL-34 output tubes in the power section for a more authentic vintage British sound.

The OD-100 ML+ complements the OD-100 Classic with more gain on CH2 (think early ZZ Top, late AC/DC, early Van Halen and other classic rock sounds of the 70's and early 80's) with a more forgiving response, which makes it an absolute joy to play. Comes with Feedback and Depth knobs on the back panel. The front panel has the Presence knob which controls the power amp high-end content for both channels. The Feedback knob is essentially a speaker dampening control. It has a center detent which is bypass of the Feedback circuit. Turning it clockwise from the center gives the amp a tighter and more aggressive response with slightly increased volume level. Turning it counterclockwise from center makes the amp feel a little spongier with a more vintage type of a feel and response.

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