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Cooper FX Arcades Ambient

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Arcades can be any type of pedal you want. It is a versatile multi effect platform, but what makes it unique is that it determines what type of effect it is based on the card that is inserted into the pedal. Much like certain retro video game consoles, the Arcades will allow the user to swap cards to select the experience they want. Instead of a video game however, the change of a card will result in a different bank of eight effects.

Arcades currently comes with two package options:

Ambient Package - includes the reverb and delay cards

Experimental Package - includes the LOFI and Pitch cards

From the same creative mind that brought us the Generation Loss and the Outward comes an innovative multi-effect console that leads to a world that is both immersive and expansive in sounds and experiences.

Arcades features a card slot that allows collections of effects algorithms to be loaded for use and a small bright screen that shows functions and parameters for each card. Along with the initial product offering, Cooper has created 4 cards (Delay, Reverb, Pitch and Lo-Fi).

Each card contains 8 patches. We will see not only 4 new cards from Cooper this summer but we are also looking forward to multiple collaborations with some of Tom's favorite builders who are excited to contribute to this format. All of these cards will be available individually soon which will allow you to add more cards. Arcades has been a long time coming. Every detail has been looked over and the story of how this product came to be, including a harrowing trip to Paris narrowly escaping lockdown, all add to what we think will become one of the most enigmatic products of this little era.


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