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Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall Analog Delay

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  • 100% analog signal path, full digital control of parameters. No digital conversion or processing.
  • 2 onboard save-able presets + live mode for 3 distinct settings (expandable to 122 with a midi controller).
  • Tap Tempo / Hold for setting delay time via tap. Holding the switch gives runaway oscillation. 6 delay subdivisions including dotted eighth note.
  • True bypass or buffered bypass with trails.
  • 2 Xvive MN3005 delay chips.
  • SLB (short, long, both) selects between 1 MN3005 (i.e. DM2), 2 MN3005 (i.e DMM), and both for a multi-tap mixed output of the two for more of a washed out / reverby sound.
  • Circuit is tuned for 550ms max delay time (longer delays are possible via trimmer adjustment, but compromises tap tempo accuracy and optimal clock filtering).
  • Sine, triangle, and square wave modulation with independent rate and depth controls. At max depth, madness ensues.
  • Full midi implementation to control presets and parameters.
  • Expression / CV control over any parameter individually or simultaneously.
  • Ramping over any parameter individually or simultaneously.
  • Tone control for full range of clear or dark repeats.
  • Mix Control goes 100% dry to 100% wet. On "short" delay setting, pedal can be used as a vibrato or chorus.
  • Internal trimmer for max regeneration. Pedal ships with self-oscillation abilities, with the potential to get wilder.



Artnr: 1501
Lagerstatus: I lager


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