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B.G. Harding Zonk Machine

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The original Zonk Machine was a 3 transistor germanium fuzz derived from a Tonebender MkI and produced for a short time in the 1960’s. Our version has a slightly modified circuit in that it includes a 3-way tone switch and an internal trim pot for adjusting the overall gain. This trim is important when compensating for temperature variations, as germanium transistors are very temperature sensitive and in hot conditions, the gain will increase. We produce our Zonk using high quality, professionally manufactured PCB’s. Specific transistors are selected for gain and leakage as opposed to any particular brand, and may not be exactly as pictured.

The Zonk Machine is one of the more esoteric designs on the market and has a fairly unique character. It can go from a soft reedy fuzz to all-out gain, almost overdrive in texture, but at all times there is a certain amount of gating, especially on the tail of the notes. Unlike a Fuzz Face, it will not clean up on the guitar volume. Despite the gating effects, the pedal is also capable of tremendous sustain, hanging on to the note even when it seems it ought to die. 

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