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B.G. Harding Manic Fuzz

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The Manic Fuzz is a straight-up clone of the “Experience” originally made by Prescription Electronics, which in turn was a straight-up clone of the Foxx Tone Machine, only with a small additional circuit taken from “Popular Electronics” magazine. This additional piece of circuitry provides the “Swell” function, which causes the signal to cut out and then slowly climb each timethe player hits a note on the guitar. The pedal features “Fuzz”, “Tone”, “Volume” and “Swell” controls, the last of which is foot-switchable along with an Octave feature.

The “Swell” function only works under certain conditions, namely when the pedal is run directly into a valve amp, and the amp must not have a de-coupled input (i.e. there must not be a capacitor in the signal path between the pedal and the first pre-amp valve). If you place anything else in the signal chain before the amp, the swell will just add a bit of gain.

Like the Zonk, the Manic is built onto high-quality PCB.

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