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Becos FX CompIQ TWAIN Pro Compressor

Release early March 2020
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CompIQ TWAIN is a precision tool for dynamic audio processing of bass and guitar signals, which forges a new path in the world of compressors.

It features adaptive auto attack & release timing presets and independent compression controls for knee, threshold, ratio, and make-up gain – on each band. It can work as a dual-band compressor/limiter with variable crossover point, or as a stacked compressor with separate controls for each analog engine – at the flick of a switch. In either mode, harmonic saturation can be injected on each of the dry line band’s, and then be mixed to taste with the wet compressed line for perfect tonal balance. Separate gain reduction displays make the compression effect visible, so you can always know how hard or soft the lows and highs are processed.

Designed around the highest performance Analog Engines® from THAT Corp., the CompIQ TWAIN provides controls only found in studio rack gear while ensuring the musical response and transparency of analog circuitry. Beside dual-band processing, the two independent analog engines can be fully stacked (in series), achieving the compression warmth particular to slower optical compressors – a feature rarely seen in a pedal, and never before available with this level of tweaking. The pedal offers the following features:

• Dual-Band or Stacked compressor
• Input Preamp with trimming for -9dB of attenuation and up to +6dB of gain
• PEAK level indicator for signals above +6dBu
• Two independent 4320 THAT Analog Engines® with RMS-level sensors coupled with high-performance Blackmer® VCA’s
• Variable 70Hz to 1KHz Linkwitz–Riley Crossover
• Independent Ratio, Threshold, and Make-up Gain
• Independent Compression Knee (Soft/Hard)
• Side Chain Frequency Compensation for balancing the triggering potential of Lows & Highs – equivalent to frequency-based progressive threshold
• Side Chain Filter (Normal / Low / Deep) on Lows engine
• Independent Dynamic Auto Timing presets (Auto Fast / Auto Slower)
• Dry / Wet Mix knob for parallel compression in either of the working modes
• Tape-Saturation analog circuitry with independent Saturation, Cut Filter and Level controls on each of the processing engine, to add harmonic distortions to the Dry Line, which then can be mixed with the compressed Wet Line
• 5-LED accurate gain reduction display on each processing engine
• True Bypass on/off footswitch
• 9-12V DC external power operation
• Road-ready, durable, black-powdered aluminum enclosure

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