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Bearfoot FX Sparkling Yellow Overdrive 3

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Can't decide or need both? The SYOD3 joins the range of the SYOD 1 and 2 with a 2-position rotary switch (5th knob) the higher the drive setting, the more apparent the difference in the settings.

Get a piece of Americana with our Limited Edition SYOD3!

5 Crucial Fender Overdrives by Phillip Dodge (August 18, 2014) ~ Excerpts

The blackface Fender amplifier of the 1960?s was the result of Leo Fender working tirelessly to create an amp with a bright cutting tone that would stay clean as bands were getting louder and louder. As a result, it has lots of high end and a scooped mid-range. This was a great advancement at the time as it helped guitarists be heard on the crowded band stand. For the modern player, this can be a problem. Those same bright cutting highs can make many overdrive pedals sound less than stellar.

Bearfoot Sparkling Yellow Overdrive 3

The Bearfoot Sparkling Yellow Overdrive 3 is the newest member of the Sparkling Yellow family and has a switch for choosing between the voicing of the SYOD1 and the SYOD2. Both settings sound and feel like a vintage amp breaking up into sweet power tube distortion, but the SYOD2 setting is geared more towards going into American-voiced amps, so it?s a great match for your blackface Fender. It?s always hard to quantify, but to my ears, it has the sound and feel of a Tweed Deluxe. As such, it might seem like an odd choice to pair with an amp that Leo Fender designed to be an improvement on the old 1950?s tweed Fenders.

But there is a reason Neil Young and countless others still play through Tweed Deluxes, they are the antithesis of the blackface sound: Wild, ragged, unhinged, with a smoother top end and lows that are anything but solid. By using the Sparkling Yellow Overdrive 3, you can have the both ends of the spectrum at the stomp of a switch. The Sparkling Yellow Overdrive 3 does more than just Tweed Deluxe though; with a pre-distortion mid control and a post-distortion treble control, it?s an extremely versatile drive. The mid control is really more of a ?low-mids? control and as a result it pushes some bass frequencies as well. Turning it up all of the way brings on a borderline fuzz tone. By following the distortion part of the circuit, the treble control allows you to roll off any harsh upper frequencies.

This is especially nice for a Telecaster or Stratocaster bridge pickup. Because of this versatile voicing, the SYO3 melds perfectly into the sound of your amp and it has enough output to push your amp over the edge. Even better, the pedal is very responsive to your input signal. Playing with a lighter touch or rolling back the volume on your guitar serves to clean up the tone just like playing into a real amp.  

5 Crucial Fender Overdrives

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