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Analog Man TS-808 Reissue Silver 808 Mod

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Analog man modified Tube Screamers for 23 years to exact TS-808 specs (or better) to improve the sound! After the mod they are smoother and less harsh, more musical, less like a pedal and more like a great cranked tube amp.

The Classic TS-808 sound is well known and loved by thousands of players and millions of music fans. It cuts through the mix in live situations very well and sounds full and warm, with a vocal frequency spectrum.However some guitar players feel it is a bit too heavy in the midrange and loses a bit too much bottom end, especially people who play fairly clean or alone or in a small combo. The TS-808 EFFECTS your sound, but in a good way.

Silver mod basics

The SILVER option allows it to add the drive and warmth without EFFECTING your sound quite as much- it is more transparent, it does not sound like you are using an effect pedal as much. In 2002 we came up with a new TS9/808/silver option to meet the requirements of those few super discriminating players. This modification is done in addition to our normal TS-808/Brown mod. It uses many expensive components to make the TS-808 circuit really come alive.

Also included in this pedal - Brown mod basics 

Analog man uses 1960's style Carbon Composition resistors for the mod, and in three other parts of the circuit through which the main signal passes. Don't be fooled by the word BROWN , it does not make the tone dark or change it from the good old TS-808 tone. What the brown option does is make the effect slightly smoother and a bit less harsh in sound, more like 1960's effects. It is a great option if you use a bright amp like a Fender. We recommend it for anyone unless you run the TONE knob all the way up on your tube screamer and want a super bright tone. Most effects (and amps) would still be built with these resistors today, but mass produced products use the cheaper carbon film resistors to save money.



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