Analog Man SunFace Fuzz TFK BC-109B Silicon w/ LED and Power Jack - tgt11

Analog Man SunFace Fuzz TFK BC-109B Silicon w/ LED and Power Jack

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Analog Man Sun Face is our best selling silicon / germanium fuzz and a favorite at TGT11.

Important to consider is that a germaniumfuzz likes a little gain from the amp - ideal is a Marshall Plexi played loud. As an alternative you can put a light overdrive after the fuzz to simulate an amp played loud.

Silicon fuzz often has more gain than germanium and it generally works better in a clean amp than germanium.

In late 2012 we got some BC109 silicon transistors by request from people who heard that David Gilmour may have had these put in his Fuzz Face sometime. They are a no cost option, along with the clock graphics, in tribute to his wonderful solo in Time. The BC109 is a little grittier and edgier than the BC108 and not as smooth as the BC183. But they cut really well with a band, and have a cool sound so you may like them best if that's what you are going for. We sometimes have a special deal on these with no options.

In spring of 2014 we found some Telefunken TFK BC109B and BC109C transistors. These are yet a little edgier sounding than our previous BC109 transistors. The C has higher gain than the B, but they sound very similar. They have a really nice attack with a fuzzy roundness in tone to help cut through better. We don't have many of the C type so they will have a surcharge. In late 2015, I brought one of these BC109 Sunfaces to London for David Gilmour's RATTLE THAT LOCK tour, and delivered it to his house boat/studio Astoria. He had our BC108 Sun Face but wanted something with a bit more edge.

About Analog Man Sun Face:

Analog Man Sun Face is hand-built in the USA in small gold boxes, with their own USA made SUNFACE circuit board which is a VERY high quality board. It is better quality than almost any other fuzzface clone you will find, with shielding, plated through-holes, etc to meet military specs. It also has an internal CLEAN trim pot (white knob). This trim pot acts just like turning down the VOLUME knob on your guitar, to clean up the fuzz. It can be used to preset the sound as with the volume knob rolled back a bit. It also allows easier control of the volume knob on your guitar when the white CLEAN trim pot is turned a bit. It can also be used to kill Radio Frequency Interference, which may be a problem on high gain pedals in some areas, by turning it down a hair. like all our handmade pedals, the Sunface has true bypass, so when off they do not alter your sound at all. The CLEAN trimpot will also allow the sunface to work better after a vintage style wah pedal, without having to use a foxrox wah retrofit.

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