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Analog Man SunFace Fuzz Red Dot NKT Brand w/ LED, Power Jack and Sundial

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Analog Man Sun Face är vår mest sålda silicon resp germanium fuzz och en klar favorit hos TGT11.

Ibland kan en germaniumfuzz kräva lite gain från förstärkaren. Alternativet kan vara att du sätter en light overdrive efter fuzzen för att simulera en förstärkare som spelar högt.

Silicon fuzzarna har ofta mer gain än germanium och kan fungera lite bättre i en ren förstärkare än germanium.

  • Sundial för att justera bias
  • Intern CLEAN trim pot
  • Låter väldigt likt NKT 275
  • Top Jacks / Red LED / Sundial knob


Mer om just denna transistor -Red Dot NKT transistor:

In mid 2017 we got some red dot NKT transistors which are not the NKT275 model, from The Netherlands. These are definitely made at the Newmarket factory, and look and sound almost identical to the old red dot NKT275 we used to have. They all test in the same range, medium low gain. I think they came from the same manufacturing line as the NKT275, but were sorted for this narrower gain range. They have a different part number on them after the "NKT", probably a house number for the specific customer who requested these parts (maybe a radio company in the Netherlands).

Analog Man Sun Face is hand-built in the USA in small gold boxes, with their own USA made SUNFACE circuit board which is a VERY high quality board. It is better quality than almost any other fuzzface clone you will find, with shielding, plated through-holes, etc to meet military specs.

It also has an internal CLEAN trim pot (white knob). This trim pot acts just like turning down the VOLUME knob on your guitar, to clean up the fuzz. It can be used to preset the sound as with the volume knob rolled back a bit. It also allows easier control of the volume knob on your guitar when the white CLEAN trim pot is turned a bit. It can also be used to kill Radio Frequency Interference, which may be a problem on high gain pedals in some areas, by turning it down a hair. like all our handmade pedals, the Sunface has true bypass, so when off they do not alter your sound at all. The CLEAN trimpot will also allow the sunface to work better after a vintage style wah pedal, without having to use a foxrox wah retrofit.

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