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Stone Deaf FX

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  • Stone Deaf FX
    EP-1 Expression pedal dedicated for "Only" the following pedals: PDF-2, Warp...
    1350 :-
  • Stone Deaf FX
    The Fig Fumb adds class and control to the classic ‘Muff’ fuzz design. Burst...
    2050 :-
  • Stone Deaf FX
    The PDF-2 and its unique parametric distortion filter is a completely new loo...
    1695 :-
  • Stone Deaf FX
    The Trashy Blonde is your one-stop ticket to those classic British dirt tones...
    1850 :-
  • Stone Deaf FX
    The Tremotron is the tremolo pedal musicians have been begging and searching ...
    2895 :-
  • Stone Deaf FX
    The Warp Drive effectively turns your instrument into a supersonic sledgehamm...
    1950 :-
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