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Quarantine Effects

A note from the Designer

Just shy of my twelfth birthday, my parents gifted me my first guitar. From that day, I was obsessive in my quest for tone; doing everything I could to get the sounds in my head out of my body, and through the instrument. Upon entering High School, in lieu of private lessons, my mother began taking me to local Blues jam-sessions in Los Angeles, where I had the indispensable opportunity to learn from seasoned Blues masters night after night as they graciously extended a hand to me, onstage. I would then go home and catch a few hours of sleep before getting up again for school in the morning, where I was studying Jazz. Magical years... In those days, I would save up the money I was making apprenticing for a Luthier behind the Guitar Center in Hollywood, to buy every pedal I could get my hands on.

Back then, I never dreamt that I would one day be building pedals of my own... But 2020 had other plans. With my quest for tone no less insatiable, and the unexpected sudden gift of extra time, I hunkered down in my NYC apartment and got to work, with the goal of creating those sounds I had always dreamt of finding as a teenager... I’m thrilled to say that I believe I have... And I can’t wait for you to discover them for yourself... Allow me to present to you, Quarantine Effects, USA, along with our flagship product, The Time Machine Preamplifiers.


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