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Two-Rock Amps

The Two Rock amps really sound three dimensional and big, but we felt there was something missing. When gain was set on full on the clean channel, there was no crunch. Not even the slightest distortion. We like to have the choice to have them break up just a little when pushed so you get that nice shimmer on top of chords and the natural compression, so we took them to amp jedi master Bjorn Juhl of BJF electronics.

When we had opened them up we adjusted overall EQ, gain levels and we feel the tone of these fabulous amps really improved. Bjorn used his ears and many years of experience to tune and tweak them to perfection. Kind of like a mastering engineer does with the mixes.

Come on in to the shop and try for yourself and own an amp nobody else will ever have.


Bjorn gazing into the future. 

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